Youtube video view count not updating

11-Jan-2018 11:42

So you’re probably excited when you see your view count rising steadily higher and higher, until suddenly something strange happens. Fortunately, this is not a mystery; unfortunately, it can be slightly frustrating when you want to see that view count rise.This in and of itself might not seem like a big deal at first – maybe it’s just a slow week – but the mystery deepens when you notice that your analytics account is recording thousands or hundreds of views, and you have more “likes” or “thumbs up” than you do views. But understanding why it freezes at 301 (or somewhere around there) can help you come to peace with your frozen view counts, and help you feel at ease that it won’t stay there forever.Some channels are also monetized so that the amount of views a channel or video gets is related to how much money that business owner or person makes.Because of this, views are incredibly important to a large number of people, and not just having views, but having verifiable and valid view counts.The short answer, then, is that it is merely a security protocol, it’s done on purpose, there’s nothing wrong with your site or channel, and as long as those views have come in organically and are valid, you shouldn’t have a problem.

True View utilizes in-stream, in-slate, in-search and in-display formats.

These kinds of ads aren’t force fed to viewers—people actually have to initiate a video play.