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29-Nov-2017 06:07

My comfort book, the one I take to read again, is Lila by Marilynne Robinson.

For younger readers, Maz Evan’s Who Let the Gods Out is a very smart, joke-filled modern twist on the myths of the Greek gods.

My son James gave me a beautiful book for Father’s Day, Bob Dylan, All the Songs by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon. The author, a former Irish Times legal affairs correspondent, was gifted unprecedented access to the State’s most powerful institution.

His sources, among them sitting and former judges on the court, provide the material which Mac Cormaic marshals with admirable authority. A mixture of scholarship and anecdote, this book is a necessary antidote to the blather about the judiciary emanating from Leinster House recently.

Surveying the few dozen titles I have read so far this year, I am struck by the number of original and resonant voices that have joined my inner vault of literary sustenance.

Gwendoline Riley’s First Love is a novel that offers a beautifully sardonic, vital and moving account of the joys and the miseries of human relationships.

I’ll also be reading Keep you Safe by Melissa Hill, due out in September, and the Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor.

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Most arresting book of the year is After Europe by Ivan Krastev.With a sequel on the way it’s also a good chance to discover (or rediscover) Philip Pullman’s classic His Dark Materials fantasy trilogy.For anyone looking for an alternative to the standard sports biography, David Squires’s The Illustrated History of Football is an absolute treat.Regardless of art form, Pullman is a purveyor of magic.