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And the Andite's inventiveness did not halt until after civilization appeared and they were quietly absorbed into the many faces of mankind.With the passing of the Andites no longer would the bloodline of the Adamites and Nodites be available to up step the peoples of the planet.I think it would be fair to attribute much of these fables, gods and history of Eden to these Sethite priests.So Andite culture was being overlaid atop the old Paleolithic stone age culture, uplifting and advancing it in preparation for the coming of civilization.At some point they moved to a new location in the foothills the Kopet Dagh.The Urantia Book states that Van "Adamson was among that group of children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother.Many modern languages are derived from this early speech of these central Asian tribes who conquered Europe, India, and the upper stretches of the Mesopotamian plains. three quarters of the Andite stock of the world was resident in northern and eastern Europe, and when the later and final exodus from Mesopotamia took place, sixty-five per cent of these last waves of emigration entered Europe." (Urantia Book p.

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If you have arrived to this web page first before reading any of the others pages on this site then it would be helpful to read the introduction which has a link at the bottom of this page.This "third Eden" was located in the foothills of the Kopet Dagh and towards where Van had lived all those millennia.Van's headquarters are also just south of Bactria namesake to the BMAC the Bactria Margianna Archaeological Complex, the Oxus civilization and just west of the future Indus Valley civilization. A great location for the the dispersal of culture south into India, east into China and west into future Europe. This area would include the Levant to the west, southern Syria to the north and the Zagros Mountains to the East.they took the tree with them and guarded it for the next 200,000 years.

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But apparently they did not stay in this part of Central Asia.Another small group went east into today's Iran and then into Turkmenistan. Only five per cent remained in the southern most part of Mesopotamia but these culturally superior Andites would become the seed of the later appearing Sumerians.In these migrating waves were the Sethite priests who were taught by Seth one of the sons of Adam and Eve.I wish I could say the Adamites and the Nodites only lived in what would later become Sumeria but nothing's that simple.