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16-Aug-2017 22:25

If a potential client unknown to you wishes to send an image or video file suggest that he upload it to a service such as imgur or dailymotion so that you can access the file without having to download it on to your own personal computer.

Also be aware that accepting or sending files over yahoo messenger allows the contact to access your IP, which again may be a concern for models who reside in smaller towns.

The skype show will be not displayed on our site only in the skype program.

Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

Also know that Paypal makes it very easy for clients to charge back purchases, as Paypal does not condone use for adult digital goods and services, and Amazon wish list purchases are not guaranteed until the day the gift arrives at your door.

Giftrocket can only be used by clients within the US and purchases take an average of four days to clear, meaning that until the payment is processed you risk working for free in the event the payment is declined due to insufficient funds or ‘Do Not Honor’ transactions (a common form of up-front decline amongst independent webcam models who process credit cards via an upfront payment method).

Unfortunately even Amazon giftcards can be refunded under certain conditions, making it even more vital that independent webcam models select payment processing options that protect their safety as well as their interests.

Live Cam Model understands that the responsibility that comes along with becoming independent webcam models is high, however it is relatively easy to protect yourself if you take the precautions advised above.

I hope this guide is useful and helps you create a thriving business whilst simultaneously protecting your privacy and security.

Another issue for independent webcam models who wish to protect their location is the IP-detection technology inherent to skype.

If you reside in a large metropolitan area this is not much of a concern, however if you reside in a small town or must keep your location a secret use a program like Hot Spot Shield to protect your native IP while providing skype cam shows.Then press the Menu key and tick Disable GPS and choose YES to save the new setting.These settings will ensure that no recipient of your images will be able to pinpoint your exact location via the information transmitted with your digital photos.Live Cam Model Shows intends to bridge the gap between models and processing costs by offering payouts that surpass any IPSP options currently available on the net.