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S., Song's father was diagnosed with cancer, and Song became heavily involved in overseeing his treatment.

His father died in April; in June, Song's mother got injured in a car crash. It was a defining moment, and Song's reaction made it worse.

On weekends, she'll watch Lazer, while Itzler, a marathoner, goes for a run. Ironically, we both ended up in public service, which we never imagined. when I sent the e-mail, and just a few seconds later, I heard the ding! He'd e-mailed back one word: "Nope." I was impressed that he was working so late. Kevin: We text to let the other know we've landed and ask, "Are you here yet? Michelle: I usually fly in late, so we have a late dinner — usually at Mikuni's, a sushi place. It's harder for me when people criticize Michelle unfairly.

Every morning, she must get Starbucks (Grande Soy Chai Tea Misto, no foam, splash of water), no exceptions. Michelle: We had a business relationship for three years. He had e-mailed, asking me to get involved with his school. And I loved the fact that he wouldn't take no for an answer. I've had to restrain myself from firing off an e-mail or making a phone call. Michelle: I like clothes and make an effort to ensure we both look nice.

In December 2006, less than a year after they met, Song rented a private room at Charlie Trotter's restaurant in Chicago and dropped to one knee, pulling out a plain platinum band and asking Ling to marry him in front of their families, whom he'd flown in. "We never made 'us' the priority." By November 2010, almost four years later, their marriage was seriously troubled. Song found a job, but he detested California's troubled health-care system.

Worse, he felt like a "latchkey husband," thanks to Ling's constant traveling.

Tiffs over where to order dinner or what movie to rent are settled with a rock-paper-scissors shootout. That might bother some, but we get it." — Lea Goldman Michelle Rhee, 41, former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools System and founder and CEO of Students First, an advocacy group for children in public education, and Kevin Johnson, 45, former NBA player and current mayor of Sacramento, California How did you initially get together? I was on the board of the charter school he founded, St. When Kevin asked me out — after I became chancellor of D. schools and quit the board — I said, "That's crazy. It doesn't have to be that way." We were in Denver for the 2008 Democratic Convention and had dinner on the rooftop of a Mexican restaurant. What were your first, false impressions of each other? Michelle: I knew that he was a former basketball player, and I assumed he was just this NBA figurehead who didn't do any actual work and wasn't really engaged. She'd probably say I'm neater and better organized than she is. Michelle fights hard for kids, which is why she's characterized as "mean." But she's a big softie! His predecessors never fought for the power it takes to make real changes. Before leaving Sacramento, I lay out Kevin's out fits for the week, and he often calls me right before an event, asking, "Which tie should I wear? " But I also ask his opinion on what to wear, and he's always right. — Andrea Todd Lisa Ling, 37, host of Our America, and Dr.

Full-blown arguments, while rare, typically erupt about Itzler's Black Berry use. He was very different from what I thought he would be. It was astonishing to learn that he was running this organization — he was passionate about education reform and a very hard worker. Michelle: I don't care when it happens to me, but I'm very defensive when Kevin is criticized. But if the criticism is valid, we're honest with each other. Kevin: We wanted to get married in Sacramento — the publicity would have been good for city business — but it quickly became a media circus. Paul Song, 45, president and chief medical officer of Cyto Tech In February 2006, Paul Song, a radiation oncologist in Washington, D.

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When Song moved there that spring for an academic appointment at the University of Chicago, Ling was often in town for work. "People always said, 'You're such an impressive couple professionally.' We'd look at each other and think, We really screwed up our personal life," Ling says. So in September 2007, they moved to California, settling into a 450-square-foot studio while designing an energy-efficient, modern dream home nearby in Santa Monica.(She recently warned him that if he does it again, she'll exile him to the nearest hotel. " he quipped.) While Itzler is an involved parent, their nanny, while always on call, isn't full-time, and Blakely, like many working moms, is in charge. Also, we're news junkies, so we text each other current events. We'll go see a movie or stroll around looking at sidewalk art sales. How do you protect your bond against public scrutiny?"Sara's assistant put Lazer's doctors' contact info" — he has pediatricians in two states — "in my phone, but it would take me a while to find it," Itzler confesses. What's the first thing you do when you get off the plane? We're obsessed with Mad Men, and on Sunday nights we'll watch it before I get on a red-eye back to D. For example, in a Time magazine story, Michelle was called "just plain mean," while critics have labeled Kevin "power hungry." Kevin: We have thick skin.By November, the new house was almost done, and they began moving their furniture in from storage facilities across the country.

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"We were moving into this four-bedroom house, just the two of us. After dinner at their favorite Italian place that night, they sat down and agreed they'd been leading separate lives."As a physician, I know miscarriage is common," he says."But I should have taken my doctor hat off and been there for her as a husband." By now Song was president of a biotech company, and Ling was working for Our America, a show on Oprah's new network.Only a year earlier he'd pulled into the driveway of their Connecticut home to find a new Lexus she'd bought.