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And enemies—the 'Yellow Peril', the 'Hun', 'Oranges and Greens', Disraeli's two nations, the 'Argies'; and 'blues and greens', Romans vs Cathaginians.At present Jewish influence is the least-discussed of all important issues.They murder innocent Palestinians including children and torture and oppress them.’Jacky Cox wrote: ‘She’s in a win-win situation, the Israeli government will keep her in power and her and her friends will make money selling arms.’ Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of failing to deal with anti-Semitism in the party since he became leader.His close ally, Ken Livingstone, was suspended after claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’ and supported moving German Jews to Israel ‘before he went mad’, but he has not been expelled. Last night Labour’s ruling body passed new rules on disciplinary measures which officials said were designed to combat ‘anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of prejudice’ in the party.

The power of his books derives from the detail—page after page of secret Jewish activity, Jewish false names, Jewish unremitting and unscrupulous lies and deceit, Jewish organisations fronted by rented idiots.Lynne Gillard wrote: ‘Mayhem and her husband, the night before she moved into Downing Street, had a celebratory dinner with the Chief Rabbi. Her and her husband are Jews.’Kim Marie added: ‘You don’t get anywhere in British politics unless you do or you are Jewish. Weird, isn’t it, the Jews now acting like the Nazis?!’John Anderson wrote: ‘Zionist satanic isreali (sic) regime is one of the most barbaric evil regimes in the world.| Individualism | Jewish Characteristics | Left vs Right, 'Leftism' | Liberalism | Free Speech | Free Trade | Nations, Nationalism, National Characteristics | Patriotism | Populism | Progressive | Protests | Extremism | Nationalisation, Privatisation | Planned Economy | Conservatism | Religion & Free Thought (& Church of England) | Women and Family Life, Feminism | Sex Perversions | Slavery | 1960s | Pacifism | Two Sides to Every Question | Intellectuals | Jewish™ word abuse | 'Concentration Camps' | 'Minorities' | Multiculturalism | New World Order | Parliaments and Opposition | Race, 'Racism', & Jews EVOLUTION OF JEWS AS PARASITES OF CIVILIZATIONS | IDENTIFICATION OF 'JEWS' | IDENTIFYING AGGRESSIVE JEW PLANS AND PATTERNS ] 'Jews' are a sub-race and mixed-race produced by the written word and by city civilisation.