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I also let them know that I’m completely comfortable.“I almost don’t even see nakedness anymore; I’m so used to it.” She does admit that a few women went through “difficulty” when they first saw themselves depicted in paint.“We generally care more what we look like – probably too much at times, me included,” she says. I think when you get older you care less –that’s not a negative thing at all. “When you get past a certain age you become invisible – and that’s a whole other problem.“For me, it’s about finding beauty in every imperfection.” Some might disagree.“You see these little tiny thumbnails and they look more real when they’re smaller. I’m honestly surprised that they are so comfortable with it.” Social media has completely transformed life for young artists like Chapin – allowing them to share ideas and engage with their fans - and detractors.“Not every one wants to see non-idealised female bodies,” she shrugs.

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I don’t feel alone." Next, Chapin plans to tackle gender and admits to having male subjects lined up. “But men are actually less comfortable posing in the nude.

But nothing could have prepared them for the public reaction. “That’s the hardest bit for us all – having personal pictures out there.” It’s an issue that every modern artist must now tackle – the presence of his, or hers, subjects on the internet.

“I have to let them know that the images will be online, she says.

So it’s something that’s happening now,” explains Chapin.

“And I’m nearing the age my parents were when they had me, so there’s this interesting layering of generations. Her paintings challenge the ageing process: how the years affect our bodies and minds, and how we’re ‘supposed’ to behave at a certain age.

I guess we see less nude men generally in culture generally, unless you look back to Greek art.