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28-Jan-2018 16:46

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A very curious feature of the octave key mechanism is the angle at which the octave key pips sit - or more precisely, the holes in them.The idea behind this was to alleviate the hissing sound that these holes sometimes produce.The lower of the two tone holes is really the G# tone hole.In effect, this is akin to playing an A with the G# key open - it's supposed to improve the tone and tuning of the A.King have opted for the tenor type crook - there are C Melodies that feature an alto style crook (without the swan neck curve).Opinion is divided as to which is best, but I tend to prefer this design.

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Furthermore, it's hellishly difficult to get the two large pads to seat together (I had fun, I can tell you).

These vintage octave key mechs can be 'approximate' in action at the best of times, and these offset holes are probably a luxury this system can't afford.

As an idea it was a complete waste of time, and was mercifully short-lived.

The whole body is nicely finished in matt silver plate, with brightwork on the fittings, the keys and the bell.

The keywork follows the same pattern; functional and sturdy, though perhaps less simple.

The main key stacks are mounted on single rods - so wear is an issue to look out for here, particularly on the right hand key stack. As per most saxes of this era, the King features a fantastically complicated octave key mechanism - with lever and arms laid out all over the place.