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04-Mar-2018 12:19

Haven't you people learned anything from the great philosopher Paula Abdul... Not only do you have to hope that the person on the other end is who they say they are..looks like their profile picture..now you also have to make sure you're on the dating site that matches you up with someone who thinks, acts and lives like you do.

It would be a really bad thing for a Scientologist who's looking for a potential mate to accidentally setup a profile on the "people who suffer from post-natal depression who take Paxil" dating site.

I have yet to meet another person and actually I rarely use the dating websites at the moment, but I definitely am not giving up on it.I was so nervous and thought I was going to have a heart attack.I met him on September 24 for coffee and we had a great time.The only person I knew was Nic and she was all the way in San Jose and then moved. I knew I wanted some sort of companionship/relationship so I resorted to online dating websites.

I was at a place where I wasn’t able to afford paid dating websites like and e Harmony so I used free dating websites.

The honesty policy doesn’t always work in online dating, that’s one of the reasons we built abc There are literally millions of people who are looking online for romantic relationships and, unfortunately, some of them are just flat out lying. You can’t be sure, so why put yourself or your friends and family at risk?